For close to 30 years QUALITY SEALS has been a stocking distributor of sealing products and solutions the serving industry.

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  • Die Cut, Lathe Cut, Extruded
  • ANSI Ring, Full Face Gaskets
  • Spiral Wound Metal Gaskets
  • F.D.A. & N.S.F. Compounds
  • Sheet and Roll Goods
  • Conductive Shielding
  • Envelope
  • Compressed Non-Asbestos
  • Carbon, Graphite & Textile
  • Cellulose Fibre
  • Cork & Rubber Blends

QUALITY SEALS gasket expertise runs from the simple die cut ID-OD’s to very complex custom molded, three dimensional shapes of almost any gasket material you can think of including some metallics, graphite, and  engineering plastics such as Teflon®.

Over the last 10 years or so, we have developed a large automotive aftermarket business in specialty gaskets such as high temperature EGR’s and gaskets that will seal in contact with the new ethanol and Bio-diesel fuels. Need a replacement for asbestos? Need extrusions or lathe cuts?  We can handle it!

Mr. Engineer, do you need help with a design or material selection for your tough sealing application? Why not contact our friendly sales department using the numbers and e-mail address listed to the left on this page with your questions. More often than not, we can offer a workable, cost effective solution that will keep your project moving forward. High volume or one or two, just ask.

Depending on the complexity of the gasket and the quantity required, we can usually provide a quote in as little as 24 hours.


Teflon® is a registered trademark of the DuPont Corporation







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